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Give your event the "appeal" it deserves! 

Happy kids watching Chef Bananas online virtual birthday party magic show during Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing gudlines.

Chef Bananas isn't just a magician for kids. People of all ages GO BANANAS for him!

If you're looking for a birthday party magician, preschool entertainment, summer camp entertainer, or an elementary school assembly fun show, Chef Bananas has the perfect show for you. His shows are always age appropriate and he really knows how to capture the attention of all the younger kids.

Events for Ages 7 & Under

Events for Ages 8-108  

Do you need a birthday party entertainer for your 8+ year old child? Maybe a magician for your family reunion? How about entertainment at a community fair or festival with folks of all ages? Chef Bananas is the St. Louis magician you're looking for. He always adapts his show to suit his audience.

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Why is the Chef Bananas show the best in town?

Listen to what his clients say about him and his show.

"Chef Bananas was amazing! He was very easy to talk to, quick to respond, super professional, and the kids LOVED him! What we loved most about his show was it was actually a show! This was not just a few magic tricks here and was a real show with a real production!!"


"Chef Bananas arrived early (as discussed) to set-up! Set-up you ask? YES! Stage, music, props, you name it!! The only thing not included with Chef Bananas were the kids! He made everything look so easy. Chef Bananas did not need any help setting up, so I tried to just stay out of his way so he could get on with it! It was an entire set with intro music as the kids gathered, to picture opportunities with props at the end! The kids and the adults loved every minute of it! Most of our guests were over the age of 2, but even with my 2-year old, he was able to complete his show without craziness!!!"

"Another cool aspect of Chef Bananas is he makes it a priority to include guests in the show. It was great! He really made the kids feel like they were included in the birthday party. I later learned that some of the guests went home and asked their mom and dad for Chef Bananas at their party!


If you are considering a magic show, I am here to tell you that you will not be disappointed with Chef Bananas. If there is ever a need for a magic show in the future, I have our guy...that's a promise!"

"Thanks Chef Bananas for helping to make my daughter's birthday party a very memorable blast!"

 Eboni B. - July 2018 

Chef Bananas kids magician with hot dog

What does Chef Bananas do?

Simply put, as the entertainer, Chef Bananas will cook up the recipe that guarantees everyone is having the time of their lives. With a focus on comedy, chef's family magic show recipe is unlike anything you and your guests have seen before. He will have your guests rolling on the floor laughing one minute, and on their feet clapping the next. His typical show includes hot dogs, fire, carrots, frogs, cupcakes, balloons, and a load of BANANAS! 

What events should I call Chef for?

You should call me, Chef Bananas, to entertain your guests at any event you want to be memorable. Some examples of perfect events for Chef Bananas family magic show are; libraries, birthday parties, restaurants elementary schools, fairs, pre-schools, day cares, church events, festivals, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, holiday parties, and graduations, just to name a few. Frankly, Chef just likes to party and go BANANAS, so he doesn't care what the event is, just call him.     

What areas does Chef Bananas work?

Chef Bananas works in any neighborhood in the St. Louis bi-state area. His neighborhood is Webster Groves, but he loves traveling. He has been known to travel up to five hours to perform a show. No matter where you live, we can probably work something out so Chef BANANAS can come to your event. 

How amazing is chef's magic show?

The most important thing magician Chef Bananas has learned from his peers and mentors over the years, is that having a great family magic show has more to do with the person delivering the magic, than the tricks themselves. Sure, the tricks are amazing, but the interaction Chef Bananas has with the audience is the best part of the show. That's the real magic. He promises to have everyone laughing until they fall out of their seats. You may even have to peel them off the floor. 

Why hire Chef Bananas?

The best reason to hire Chef Bananas is that once the show starts, you can sit down and relax for a while. Chef Bananas will keep the kids occupied and hold their attention the entire show so you can stop running around, going BANANAS about what comes next. Many other party ideas and kids entertainers require constant babysitting on your part. Rest assured, as soon as the show begins, your job is done for a while. If you have questions leading up to the show, Chef Bananas will be there to help you as well. It's almost like having a co-host for the party. 

If, for some crazy reason, Chef's magic show just wasn't BANANAS enough for you, he offers a full refund. Chef Bananas is all about making people happy.

Will adults enjoy the show?

While my show is geared towards children, there is no doubt that adults will enjoy it as well. Not only will they enjoy watching the children roll around on the floor laughing, but they will be entertained by the comedy magic just like the children. No matter the event, make sure the adults know that they will love Chef BANANAS too.   

What else do I need to know?

Know that when you hire Chef Bananas, he will do everything to make your event as smooth as possible. Chef Bananas will keep your guests entertained and help them create memories they will have for the rest for their lives. When they think of those memories, they will think of your event. If you have special requests, or VIPs for the event, just let the chef know. He will make sure they are taken care of. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Chef Bananas by telephone, email, or facebook messenger. 

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