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Banana Biography

“Chef Bananas puts on the best family magic show I have ever seen. He is the best children's entertainer ever. You have to be bananas not to hire him. You have to see him”    - Chef Bananas 2017

St. Louis children's magician Chef Bananas birthday party famil events

Chef BANANAS has had a passion for magic his whole life. In fact, the chef was performing for people at the very early age of 4 months. His parents couldn't believe his magic and comedy chops came before he could even crawl. He couldn't talk yet either, but his knack for silent magic acts impressed everyone.

The chef wasn't always called BANANAS. He was born as Chris P. Bacon. His parents decided to change his name when he was seven because of his insatiable appetite for BANANAS. BANANAS also found their way into the chef's life at every turn. In fact, when he was nine years old Chef BANANAS ran his bike into a banana truck and ended up in the hospital for three weeks. He refused to eat anything other than BANANAS. Luckily, he found a nurse that knew how to make his favorite, BANANAS Foster. 

When he finally got out of the hospital, he made the decision to follow his dream, and his passion. He devoted the next 35 years to becoming the best entertainer he could, using the only two things he cared about in life, magic and BANANAS.

If you ever get the chance to see the chef in action, do it. You won't be sorry. He specializes in birthday parties and all types of other family events. Remember, when people ask you what you like about Chef BANANAS' show, just tell them it has great "appeal."

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